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"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" (John Lennon)

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Birthdate:Oct 12
MY name is Dunderklumpen and I'm from Germany. My mother is swedish and my father german. If a Swede is reading that, leave a message, would be nice to add you as a friend.

I'm a tv junkie and love a big variation of different series, movies and books. I'm a multishipper in all kinds of different fandoms and love to read and write fanfiction about them.

All of you who want to add me: I'm glad about new friends but please leave a message at my journal, I won't friend someone back if I don't know him/her at least from somewhere (community, comment, friending meme etc.)

This journal is "friends only" because I want my private life to stay private. I have another journal for my fanfiction though. If you're here for that you can find it over at dunder_fic.

I give blanket permission to use any fic I've created to make something new. Feel free to remix, podfic, make wonderful art or any other creative expression that catches your fancy. I would love to see what you do with it! Be so kind and leave a comment when you used one of my works so that I know about it.

My communities:


Here you can find all my fanfiction.

It's the german Criminal Minds community at livejournal.

It's a german Multifandom Bingo Challenge Community.

It's the sister community of de_bingo
where you can get help with everything regarding your bingo card.

I'm a co-mod over at the Star Trek Voyager slash community.



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